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BVA-auctions Newsletter 3.0

BVA-Auctions Newsletter 3.0

At BVA-Auctions we though it was the moment to let go both the design and the content of the old newsletter and give it a new fresh, flat design look. This is how we changed it:    

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Parallel testing with Maven-fail-safe

Parallel testing with Maven-fail-safe Running a functional regression test can take up a lot of time. That is why it’s not always suitable for a buildserver as it would delay the build too much. Instead a nightly run is done to execute the functional regression test. To speed up the ...

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In search for a small(er) Docker image

Image size decreased drastically

Within the BVA Auctions project we are building microservices and we are putting them in Docker containers. These microservices are a lot smaller (and less complex) than the ‘old fashioned’ applications, but something was smelly when we put them in a container. Their size was huge! Time for some investigation… As we ...

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