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Expose date headers

Standard world time zones

For an auctioning platform, time is of the essence. If there is a difference between the time on the server and the time on the client, it can result in a very strange user experience. People might see auctions that they think are open but are actually closed, or the ...

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Our move from Jenkins to Bamboo to Jenkins 2.0

In the past (5+ years ago) we used a Jenkins server to build all our projects. Then one day, it crashed… hard! The way it crashed was however not normal. Googling some of the last messages in the logs resulted in a handful of hits. None of them giving a ...

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DevOps model, a profile in CIO leadership, change management

Alexander Pluim, our Product Owner and CTO of BVA Auctions, interviewed by Mary Pratt from TechTarget. Below an excerpt of the article. Take it from IT leaders who have been there: Adopting a DevOps model will require strong leadership, exceptional people skills, a high tolerance for failure and financial savvy. ...

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