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As the BVA Auctions software development crew in Amsterdam, we are organized in several multi disciplinary Scrum teams. We are self-managing and shape our own workplace. This Tech Blog is one of our own initiatives because we are proud on what we do and like to share it.

It’s fun to work here. Pair programming is normal and knowledge sharing is standard behavior. We are fully responsible for the online platform 24/7 and continuously adding new features. We write our own automatic tests, have an automated deployment pipeline and choose the tools we like.

We use Scrum as our collaboration process and have sprints of 2 weeks. No fake Scrum, we follow the rules as how it is meant to be. There is a great Product Owner with mandate who sets the priority and understands technology; we really like to work for him. Of course we have a full-time Scrum Master as well. He supports us and protects the atmosphere. Even though we have sprints of two weeks, this does not mean we deliver features to production every 2 weeks. We deploy as often as we can and because of this we demo most of our features to the business on production. Our retrospective meeting is important and we really want to learn from each other.

The auction platform is very stable; something we are proud of. We maintain real hardware in two data centers. Team atmosphere is relaxed, people are dedicated and responsible. We trust each other and provide team members with all access they need.

Transparency is key. We easily share successes and mistakes: no blame, but support from colleagues. We are communicators, like discussions and respect each others opinions. No hierarchy levels: no architect or lead role; just show your experience about the subject and convince your colleagues.

We work in a steady flow and do not believe in overtime. Quality first and craftsmanship. There is also time for a personal chat.

We like diversity and have team members originated from many countries. Below you will find an overview of current members and their (core) role. This does not mean however that for instance a developer only does some coding! We love DevOps and developers help system engineers… well, we all help each other.


  1. Geachte,

    Leuk de nieuwe website! het is hier-en-daar nog wel een beetje zoeken maar dat is met alles wat nieuw is.
    Er zijn een aantal zaken die mij opvallen als het gaat om de user experience. Als ik deze pagina bezoek; https://www.bva-auctions.com/auto zijn er een aantal zaken die niet prettig werken;

    – Er worden soms auto’s dubbel vermeld nadat je hebt geklikt op “meer laden” Van de 5x dat ik het heb getest gebeurde het 2x dat dezelfde auto’s twee regels verder weer staan vermeld

    – Nadat ik in de zoek resultaten klik op een kavel en vervolgens weer terug wil naar naar mijn zoek resultaten dan beginnen de zoek resultaten weer opnieuw. Oftewel, ik moet weer 6x op “meer laden”klikken om verder te gaan vanaf het punt waar ik was gebleven.

    Misschien kunnen jullie iets met mijn bevindingen/ervaring.

    Met vriendelijke groeten,

    Daniel Winters

  2. Hey Daniel,

    Thank you for your feedback. We think that feedback coming from the end-users is the most important feedback we can get!

    We also noticed the issues you mention (since we use the website ourselves as well). The issues have been placed on our backlog, which means that anywhere in the (near) future they will be addressed.

    But as you know the website, you probably also noticed that there is a lot of work to do and a lot can be improved. So expect more changes coming soon.


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