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BVA Auctions

BVA-Auctions.com is the largest online auctioning platform in the Netherlands with offices in Germany and Austria. Head-office is located in Amersfoort. Software development for the online platform is done in Amsterdam center.

Every week, more than 20.000 items are listed online. The website serves around 30 million visitors per month and around 200 million page views.

BVA Auctions is an online auctioneering firm which auctions movable property on the instruction of third parties. Our client portfolio includes banks, trustees and lease companies. The goods we offer often originate from bankruptcies and/or attachments. Goods are also put up for auction for parties who wish to reduce their stock levels.

BVA Auctions acts as an intermediary in that process and brings sellers and buyers together through online auctioning. BVA Auctions does not purchase goods for auctioning at their own risk.

The company was founded in 2003 and has currently around 105 employees.

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