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November, 2017

  • 21 November

    Releasing more often

    Something that every developer would like to do, is release code more often to a production environment. But why does he want this? Features are written for end-users! And the only place where the end-user can use the feature is in production. So why not release it as soon as ...

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October, 2017

  • 24 October

    Vacancy: Angular Front-end Developer – Amsterdam

    We are looking for a Front-end Developer who is always eager to learn. Someone with at least 1 years of work experience in Angular. You are skillful, communicative and a team player. You will join our Scrum team in Amsterdam and will be working for the biggest auction house in ...

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September, 2017

  • 26 September

    Vacancy: Senior System Engineer – Amsterdam

    We are currently looking for a senior System Engineer. You are going to help us to improve and expand our auctioning platform. We auction off planes, Ferrari, office buildings, private houses and also items like toilet-seats and scrap metal. This is done on several websites of which www.bva-auctions.com is best ...

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August, 2017

  • 24 August

    Developer’s code of conduct

    One of the things you will learn when you are working on a project for a long(er) time, or join a company that has legacy code to maintain, is that there are different levels of quality. And what you will also probably find out, is that the code that has ...

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February, 2017

  • 6 February

    Team dinner

    Last week we went out for a team dinner @ Café de Jaren.          

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  • 1 February

    Monitoring SMS gateway with Zabbix


    Our website is, partly, depending on the ability to send SMS messages. This for instance happens when you try to register with a public email address like gmail.com. In that case, you need to enter your mobile phone number. We will then send a code to it, to verify that ...

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December, 2016

  • 16 December

    Expose date headers

    Standard world time zones

    For an auctioning platform, time is of the essence. If there is a difference between the time on the server and the time on the client, it can result in a very strange user experience. People might see auctions that they think are open but are actually closed, or the ...

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October, 2016

  • 12 October

    Our move from Jenkins to Bamboo to Jenkins 2.0

    In the past (5+ years ago) we used a Jenkins server to build all our projects. Then one day, it crashed… hard! The way it crashed was however not normal. Googling some of the last messages in the logs resulted in a handful of hits. None of them giving a ...

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June, 2016

  • 21 June

    DevOps model, a profile in CIO leadership, change management

    Alexander Pluim, our Product Owner and CTO of BVA Auctions, interviewed by Mary Pratt from TechTarget. Below an excerpt of the article. Take it from IT leaders who have been there: Adopting a DevOps model will require strong leadership, exceptional people skills, a high tolerance for failure and financial savvy. ...

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  • 9 June

    Fail fast(er) and move gradually

    About a year ago we thought it was a great idea to transform our monolithic application into microservices. But since then we came back on that thought. Our plan was to build the homepage of our website in a new way. It would involve doing asynchronous calls to a public ...

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