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BVA-Auctions Newsletter 3.0
BVA-Auctions Newsletter 3.0

BVA-auctions Newsletter 3.0

At BVA-Auctions we though it was the moment to let go both the design and the content of the old newsletter and give it a new fresh, flat design look.

This is how we changed it:

About Content

About Content

About Content

This is how the old newsletter used to look like:

BVA-auctions newsletter 2.0
BVA-auctions newsletter 2.0

Basically it was a long listing of our auctions, certainly useful, but not tailor made, not personalised.


We switched now to a very personalised and responsive email, made out of 6 blocks:

BVA-Auctions Newsletter 3.0
BVA-Auctions Newsletter 3.0


Those 6 blocks are

  1. A personalised menu with relevant categories.
  2. A message with latest news.
  3. Auctions nearby the user.
  4. Lots specially selected for the user.
  5. A feedback about the newsletter.
  6. A footer, with all contact and social medias data.

About Coding

About Coding

About Coding

If you are new to newsletter coding, you have to know that building a newsletter is like coding html for the 90s: tables and inline-styling.

All email clients render code in a slightly different way (see links below), so it does need a lot of tweaking and testing to achieve the most universal version.

Litmus tests of BVA-auctions weekly newsletter 3.0

Going through several refinements we achieved a great base that we’ll keep on improving through code changes and A/B testing optimalisation.



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About Giulio Grasso

Giulio Grasso is a front end developer with a focus on Html5, Javascript and CSS3.

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